benched-by-abigail-grahamBenched is a marvelous romantic novel about a single-mom-cop and the perfect bad boy that are destined to be together, against all odds. Abigail Graham created a wonderful story for all the ladies to enjoy on a quiet, rainy day. Phoebe is a well-respected police officer; it's a regular day, and she stops a reckless driver who's speeding through her town like a bullet. She confiscates his car and thinks that this story is over.

However, the next thing she knows - he's moving in next door! He's got just the perfect body, a killer smile and knows how to talk to women to make them fall for him in a matter of seconds. He's not a big fan of the suburbs, but that doesn't mean he's staying at home all day long. No, he's constantly out there, in his boxers and with that glorious smile on his face, and his one and only mission in life seems to be to flirt with Phoebe.

He doesn't care about anything else - just his new neighbor. And Phoebe knows exactly what this "superstar" wants - to get into her pants, to spend a few wild nights with her and drive away into the sunset, off to his next "victim". So, she's determined not to let the perfect stranger in and to keep her distance. She's a grown woman, and she doesn't have the time to fool around with some guy. Or, at least, that's what the girl is telling herself.

In reality, she can't stop thinking about him - his abs, his hair, and his smart mouth. He's a lot younger than she is, but, the more time she spends with him, the more he starts to surprise her. Underneath that bad-boy mask he's a good, honest man, and Phoebe even starts falling for him. But, just when everything seems to be going in the right direction, her past is starting to catch up to her...

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