Old-English-literature-BeowulfAnyone who interested in English literature someday comes to this epic, which is considered one of the origins of British literature. With over 3000 verses, written around the year 700, this poem is one of the oldest literary artefacts in the Northern Europe.

The main hero of the poem goes to Denmark to support the local king during battles against a monster which called Grendel. After the bloody fight, Beowulf wins.

The dramaturgy appears very antiquated to the modern readers. Monster occurs. Hero slays the monster. The hero is sung. Monster occurs. Hero slays the monster. The hero is sung. The hero returns home. The hero is older. Monster occurs. The hero dies. The hero is sung. So the structure of the plot is a bit monotonous, and, moreover, lacks something that commonly exist in the modern literature. Grendel and his mother have no motive. They are angry because they are descended from Cain, and then sufficient.

Stories like Beowulf do not thrive on the tension. It does not really matter what will happen. Again and again, these stories have been told. And each narrator has left the action adding only the small details by themselves. So the story has existed through the centuries until it has become a classic of early European literature.

Beowulf inspired Tolkien, which in turn may inspire a prose version of Beowulf. The text sounds a bit like the lyrics of Tolkien, less like "The Hobbit" or "Lord of the Rings", but something more like the "Silmarillion".

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