Bet-Me-By-Lila-MonroeLizzie wanted one thing: a little bit of that sweet, lovely old-school romance and the perfect guy to enjoy it with. She had more than enough disasters with Tinder and that huge line-up of weird guys who tried to get into her pants on the first date. So, now she's got a rule: until she meets a man - a real man - she won't even try to go out or do anything like that.

However, there's a "tiny" problem: she got drunk that same day, and her drunken, ridiculous rant ended up on the Internet. Yep, it took her one bottle of that good stuff to completely humiliate and embarrass herself. In a matter of days, Lizzie turned into the most famous girl who isn't getting laid and is disappointed in men. A magazine even called her a hero and put a "bounty" on her "sweet spot".

It's a grand catastrophe, and now the girl's got fellas linin' up in her office, trying to steal her heart and turn her on. It's kinda overwhelming, and all those guys are not really good for her. Except for one - Jake. He's a natural-born playa, a bad-boy, and he's probably the only male in the vicinity that can see through all the nonsense that's surrounding Lizzie and appreciate the real her.

At the same time, the girl can never be sure with guys like this. What if he's just flirting with her to get that prize? Bet Me is a hilarious, engaging, sweet and sexy romantic novel for the ladies. Lila Monroe, a best-selling, award-winning writer, delivered a wonderful evening read that's both exciting and entertaining. It comes with a happy ending, great chemistry between the main characters and a lot of that "heat" if you know what I mean.

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