better-than-new-by-nicole-curtisAre you a fan of Rehab Addict, a ground-breaking show on HGTV? Well, if you are, then you most certainly know Nicole Curtis, the undisputed star of that amazing show. And now, for the first time ever, she shares her private, deeply intimate life experience with the readers. You'll learn about her struggles, victories, moments of doubt, moments of joy, and get inspired and influenced by her amazing story.

The critics are calling Better Than New something of a unique book, as it's partially a celebrity memoir, partially a manual for self-improvement/help. This is a unique behind-the-scenes look at a wonderful woman, a talented single parent that worked really hard to get to where she's at right now. She used to be a waitress, then a real estate agent, and now she's an expert in home renovation and an international celebrity.

The book comes with 8 chapters, and each one is a stand-out "cut" from her own, personal journey and the experiences she had with the countless homes that she renovated in the past. If you've been watching the show on TV and think that you know the host, you're actually mistaken, because Better Than New reveals a whole another side of her that's both beautiful and inspiring.

She is a person that deeply appreciates her family and friends, cares for the animals, helps the wounded and has a special connection with the most unfortunate and older folks. The book includes exclusive, exciting photos of Nicole and the houses that she remodeled. In total, you'll find 75 amazing pictures (photos) from the author's personal collection, and that means you're in for a real treat.

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