between-breaths-by-elizabeth-vargasBetween Breaths is an instant international bestseller, a groundbreaking memoir from a strong, confident woman who found the strength in herself to overcome her fears and bad habits and move towards a bright, happy future. It's really hard to say something like "I am an alcoholic" loud and clear, but that's exactly what Elizabeth Vargas, the author of this wonderful book, did because that was the only way for her to start the real fight.

She had anxiety problems when she was growing up. In fact, she had problems with that even when she was a 6-years-old kid. Her father was fighting a war in Vietnam, while his little girl had her own set of demons to deal with. Living with anxiety leaves a heavy mark on a person, and, eventually, Elizabeth chose drinking over staying strong and dealing with her problems.

Naturally, she never really could admit to herself that her it wasn't just a few drinks after work anymore and that she was becoming more and more dependent on alcohol. It's easier to live in denial and to hide your struggles from the rest of the world. So, as a result, she ended up in rehab, and the first year without a drink was pretty hard to go through, but Vargas did everything in her power to let go of the old habits and heal herself from the addiction.

And now, she's a successful woman who's in control of her own life. She found happiness in overcoming grief, anxiety, and addiction, and so can you - the readers. Between Breaths is a powerful, honest, inspiring book for all the folks out there who are struggling with their own addictions and need someone to guide them into the light. Elizabeth Vargas is just the perfect guide!

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