While winning a war and being victorious might be more than enough for most folks, it's only the beginning for Six and Bren. Peace isn't really going to last; besides, there's a lot of work to be done even if it does, so, they're not about to hit the sack and start relaxing. They're excited about the fact that the sector is finally liberated and there are enough resources, time and energy to rebuild it and to protect the innocents.

The kids from the streets, the orphans - they need the help the most, and the heroes won't stop until every last child is safe and sound. Bren knows all too well how hard it is to control yourself and be patient in a tiny of crisis. Six, in turn, remembers how difficult it is to confide in someone, to really trust another person when struggle, obstacles, and a constant fight for survival is all the soldier knows.

Together, these two have all that's necessary to turn the world into a better place, to make sure the kids live in a better reality than they were born into. The power, the skills - it's all there. What kind of a future awaits sector three and the rest of the planet? And how do Bren and Six want the world to look like in a couple of decades? Read Beyond Doubt and find out!

The war is over, the rebels have won, but what's in stores for the man and woman who saved planet Earth? If you're a fan of the bestselling Beyond series, you'll fall in love with this novel. It's fresh, exciting, adventurous and all kinds of romantic. Don't miss out on what could be the best read of the year! Kit Rocha continues to deliver A-grade novels that are equally riveting, engrossing and entertaining.

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