Beyond The Kingdoms (The Land of Stories, Book 4)

Beyond-The-Kingdoms-The-Land-of-Stories-seriesIt all starts with the scene of the pursuit. Alex and Conner chasing a Man in a Mask. And the children understand who the Masked Man is. He is the twin's late father. The girl instantly was felt an attitude change, I which her hair must float in the air and eyes glowing. Alex would get suffering by emotions very hard. So hard that she even could attack innocent men and women.

Her unstable condition will have consequences. Very soon the girl will be kicked out of the magic council. She will be not godmother anymore. And for what she received that punishment? It is because she tries to persuade the council to hard to make the Man in the Mask a priority number one.

Alex Bailey feeling very upset about the decision was made, so she put the council chamber on fire and run. Soon after that, Alex arrived at a Giant's castle. She finds Mother Goose there and had an important conversation with her.

Sometimes after the events described above Morina comes at Froggy and Red's wedding. Morina is a witch and a very pretty one. The witch says that she is the first lover of Froggy. Moreover, It is she who cursed this Froggy, changing his nice appearance into the ugly frog. Morina says that she destroy Red if the lovers will be together. So the groom decides to retreat – the Morina is too powerful for him…

The Land of Stories series:
Book 1. The Wishing Spell
Book 2. The Enchantress Returns
Book 3. A Grimm Warning
Book 4. Beyond The Kingdoms
Book 5. An Author's Odyssey

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