The whole world was shocked when Mr. Trump became the new president of the United States a few months ago. Some were happy to learn of his victory, while others were depressed and frustrated by it. Regardless, his triumph was historical, and it was the beginning of major shifts in politics, economics and everything else in between. America is changing, and the rest of the world is following.

David Horowitz, one of the most respected and popular journalists-commentators, the mighty author of several best-sellers, offers his own plan for defeating the Globalists and making the country great again, just like Trump said he would. The very foundation of democracy, the pillars of the American values are being challenged right now, and it's up to us, the regular folks, to make sure justice prevails.

Big Agenda is not just a bunch of words and phrases: this is a detailed, well-researched and thought-provoking take on the 45th President's moves to restore the country. First of all, he should restore Keystone and Guantanamo. Next, the federal judiciary needs a good "shake up", as does the Supreme Court and the majority of folks that work there.

And finally, the blacks, the Latinos, and all the other ethnic groups need to believe that they are well-protected and respected. Oh, and Obamacare needs to go - no exceptions. Trump is calling Reagan his biggest political hero, and if he manages to accomplish even half of what he has promised, the United States will flourish. There are countless eerie figures out there that will stop at nothing just to undermine and disrupt Trump's great plans for this country. Big Agenda is a brilliant guide, a manual for claiming back our freedom, our rights, and our future.

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