Big-Bad-Daddy-By-Tia-SirenThis is a classic "Billionaire dad meets gorgeous nanny" story by Tia Siren that you can enjoy after a hard day at work. It's funny, exciting and fresh, so, you won't fall asleep reading it. Amy, the main character of the book, has been going through a rough patch lately. Actually, she's never been particularly lucky, and it's starting to piss her off.

She used to live with an abusive jerk-of-a-husband, and she did run away from him but ended up with almost no money in her pockets and a shitty apartment with a crappy gig. She's working' at a convenience store right now, and life isn't exactly sun and rainbows for her. However, even girls like Amy get their big shot, and Mr. Ritter is most definitely a man to work you ass off for.

He wants her to become the nanny for his moppet, an adorable daughter. He's a big, hunky, wealthy fella, a successful author. And, he makes her blush with just a glimpse and turns her on with a simple touch. Yes, he has that crazy effect on her, and she can't run away from it. The way he looks at her makes her feel like he didn't just hire her to take care of his girl.

No, there's something naughty, something hot and steamy behind those eyes, something quite sizzling and dirty. But Amy can't fall for him, let alone have sex with him. Why? Because that would mean her ex-dude was right and she is just a slut who's happy to be with her boss for the money. Yet, when Jackson calls her his muse, she starts to melt and forgets about all her promises. Big Bad Daddy is a best-selling page-turner by Tia Siren, a smooth, sexy novella with a happy ending and great characters to cheer for.

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