Luke, a carefree and good-looking young fella with big abs and an even bigger inheritance, learns that his business could slip through his hands if he doesn't find a bride within 30 days. He could lose it all; so, he turns to Paige, a sexy and smart girl - perfect for his fake marriage proposal. She takes the offer and agrees to be his wife.

However, she doesn't know that it's just a game for this cocky fella and that he's not planning on putting a ring on that finger or taking her down the aisle. All he needs from her is to pretend to be his wife so that he can officially receive the inheritance and go on with his life. He neglected to mention that! Furthermore, he wants to get into her panties, even though she does tell him to wait for the wedding night. Paige is a virgin, and doing this is a big step for her.

So, how on Earth could this moron trick her into believing it was all real when he wanted to dump her the moment he got his money? Well, that's because he's a moron! His evil plan is to take her to his bed long before the wedding, doing whatever he pleases with her and leaving her stranded at the end. Using her to become rich isn't enough: he also wants a taste of that beautiful body.

But, as it soon turns out, even a jerk like Luke can have feelings, and while his brain is telling him to go on with the plan, his heart dreams of being with her - for real, this time. What will the billionaire bad-boy choose? Letting go of his playboy ways and making an honest woman out of Paige, or breaking her heart and ruining her life? Big Bad Fake Groom is a classic case of a hot and sexy romantic/erotic novel with a wealthy golden boy and a struggling gorgeous virgin.

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