Tia Siren is one of those gifted writers that you know you can't go wrong with. So, whenever you see her name on a shiny new book, rest assured that you'll have tons of fun with it. Big Bad Neighbor has just hit the bookshelves, and, judging by the positive reviews, we've got yet another bestseller on our hands. Derek is an ex-Navy SEAL, and overcoming obstacles is what he knows to do best.

He's going through a nasty divorce and all the man cares about is his son. The boy is the most important person in his life, and he's ready to do whatever it takes to see the kiddo happy. And then there's Jenna - his sexy new neighbor. She's pretty much the biggest tease on planet Earth, but Derek knows exactly how to handle a dame like that.

She gives him those expressive smiles, leaves the window into her bedroom open - just to drive the guy insane. Her lips are divine, and that killer body is to die for. The second she walks into the house next door, she consumes Derek's mind and makes him go all kinds of crazy. Then again, the experienced soldier can't help but notice that she's running from something or someone, and he's more than willing to help her out with the problem.

After all, those years of top-notch training weren't for nothing! To protect the girl, to own her and to make her say his name - that's all the gent can think about from now on. Hey, but what about his child? How can he put his own happiness first? Yep, there's no way that little hussy is going to interfere with his plans. Or is there? Big Bad Neighbor is a smutty standalone romantic novel with a great story and a happy ending. It's fresh, exciting funny, and, of course, super sexy.

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