Tia Siren knows how to find the most handsome alpha males and the most attractive and curvy babes and how to bring them together in an epic love story. Lincoln is exactly that - a big, bulky, shredded and really bad rancher - and he's about to put that rope on the one that got away. Back in the day, he lost Harper, but now he's all grown-up and wants her back. The man is ready to do whatever it takes to claim her as his prize.

The thing is - when he left his native Wyoming, he had no pennies in his pocket. The guy was broke and had no future. Harper offered him a good life on her ranch with her, but, for some reason, the stupid bloke said "No" and turned away from her. He went on with his life and managed to make a fortune in the city of dreams. Yes, he's a wealthy and prosperous man now, but Harp is still in his heart.

Lincoln is back, and she wants him to be with her permanently. Taking that fancy suit off and going for something rustic and more masculine? Why not? But Link is not here to take care of her ranch. No, he's here to "take care" of Harper. It's been a while, but they both still have feelings for each other, and that is why the big guy is back: he wants to show her the world, to fascinate her with everything that he's built and to make her his woman.

Yet, there's one tiny problem: the ranch is not some old property to Harper that she dreams of leaving. It's her entire world, the place where she grew up and the place that kept feeding her for all this time. So, it's not gonna be an easy walk in the park for the rancher. Will he be able to win her lovely heart back? Or is she better off with her ranch that a rich bad-boy from the big city?

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