Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Big-Little-Lies-epub-mobi-ebooksJane is trying to reach the Pirriwee Public School. She is a single mother, and in that school, she wants to meet her son Ziggy. On the road, Jane meets a little girl and her mother Madeline.

Madeline says that her best friend Celeste also sends her boys to Pirriwee Public School. Max and Josh are twins. Madeline and Celeste makes a friendship with Ziggy's Mother.

Those mothers have a really hard life. For example, Celeste is physically abused by her husband, Perry, who is a very rich banker and think that has no limit in his actions toward the wife.

Madeline thinks that her daughter not so close to her as she would like to be. Moreover, the girl is growing close to Bonnie, her former husband's wife.

Jane is trying to find Ziggy's real father. With this violent guy, Jane spends only one night. Her son Ziggy reminds she this man, even now. He is accused of bullying an innocent boy when he the first time visit the Pirriwee Public School.

With time passing Celeste, Madeline, and Jane become even closer. Jane tells her friends about her secret. Other two realize who the Ziggy's father is. It is Saxon Banks, the Perry's "famous" cousin. Instead of their friendship Celeste and Madeline decide not to tell anything to Jane. That’s how drama begins…

The author of Big Little Lies tells that the main inspiration for the novel she succeeds after listening to a radio channel. She heard interesting facts about one woman's memories. She said, that you parent were not kind, especially to each other. And sometimes she was trying to escape from parents' fighting under her bed.

Big Little Lies has generally been well received by critics, who praised the book's balance of humor with more serious issues like domestic abuse.

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