billionaire-christmas-by-claire-adamsClaire Adams made a fortune on the best-selling Billionaires series, and the fans from all around the world are calling her a gifted, open writer with a unique style and a great neck for creating hot-hot romantic stories. Billionaire Christmas is the very first installment in this series, and it's a perfect naughty read for the winter holiday. Logan, a 37-year-old man, used to have it all: at such a young age, he was a super-successful businessman with a prosperous company. He also had a family that loved him to death and he could get any girl in NY -whenever and wherever he wanted her.

But, he didn't have legal citizenship in the US, and his visa was running out. Obviously, he didn't want to leave his family and everything that he managed to build in the country, behind, so, when his PA advised him to find a girl and marry her, he laughed it off at first, but then he let it sink in, so to speak. And he needed to do it ASAP, otherwise, he was going to have some real problem with the law enforcements.

The PA hired a young, curvy and totally delicious intern for his company for that exact purpose. After all, getting married, even if it had nothing to do with love and was a "business deal", wasn't such a bad thing; besides, there weren't any other options on the table for him back then, so, why not? Furthermore, Chloe, the girl, was a gorgeous young lady with a mighty set of brains on her, and that's pretty much his ideal woman.

She comes from a farm in Minnesota, and she was in the Big City for the first time, completely alone and on her own. She was super-excited to start working at the man's company, and she was doing everything in her power to prove that she's the right girl for the job. Chloe didn't care about anything else until she saw Logan. He's the perfect man for her, and she falls deeper and deeper in love with him with each passing day.

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