Evelyn was never planning on getting romantically involved with her boss, a dashing billionaire, especially when she learned that he's a single father. A lot of girls in her position would've tried every single trick at their disposal to compel the man, but she's not really about all that. His name is Maddox, and he's an incredibly successful restaurant owner slash master chef.

He's single, tall, handsome, and got more money in the bank than he can count. Now, he used to be a real playboy, constantly having fun in nightclubs and enjoying the craziness of life to the fullest. However, when life put a baby in his hands, he had to give up all that nonsense and concentrate on two things: his business and the child.

One time, after a hard day at work, he attended a lovely charity event and made a rush decision: to bid on a date with a beautiful young woman - Evelyn - and got her after spending 20K dollars on the bid. Pretty soon the rich man understood that one night is not nearly enough for him and that he wants to get to know this mysterious red-headed dame.

He thought that she'd be thrilled to spend more time with a billionaire (and a single man), but she refuses the offer. So now Maddox is trying to come up with a plan to win over her heart and mind without telling too much about himself and his routine. Will he manage to change her mind and find happily ever after with Evelyn? Billionaire Daddy is a sizzling-hot single-dad-billionaire erotic novel that comes with a great chemistry between the characters, a solid plot and an amazing sense of humor.

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