Three rich, powerful, influential and handsome men enter a regular bar, looking for new "pets" for their perverted sex game. Soon, they pick three gorgeous women who turn out to be sisters and the owners of the bar. The fellas think that everything's under their control and are getting ready for yet another riveting sex marathon.

However, the sisters know what they're up to and are planning their own mysterious game. You could call this the battle of the sexes, and the amount of passion, sexual tension, and sizzling-hot scenes is simply off-the-charts! Seduction, flirting and teasing are a big part of this game, and if the ladies want to win, they'll have to deliver their A-game in this high-stakes "standoff" with the gentlemen.

Billionaire Games is a big turn on, and you'll find yourself excited right from the beginning. Ridiculously rich bad boys, drop-down gorgeous ladies and a riveting game of hide and seek - what could be better, right? Michelle Love has been writing top-notch bestsellers for quite a while now, and this novel is her latest gift to the fans. Now, the beautiful thing about Billionaire Games is that it's not just a regular erotic story.

True, there is a lot of that, and all the scenes are more than satisfying, but the author also managed to put a lot of depth and emotion into this novel. You'll find yourself falling for every single character and turning the pages like crazy to see how the story unfolds. This is a rare thing for a "brainless" romantic-erotic tale, so, if you appreciate that kind of a thing, grab a copy of this lovely book and enjoy! It's full of love, passion, humor, and fun.

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