Billionaire-Unknown-By-J.-S.-ScottHarper, the main character of Billionaire Unknown, a brand-new romantic novel by the lovely J. S. Scott, used to really love and enjoy her life. Her career was going up; she did a lot of traveling and dedicated herself to all kinds of amazing charity work. The girl was proud of herself and never regretted the choices that she made along the way. However, when Dani, her sis, went missing, everything changed.

She was a rough-tough journalist, a reporter, and constantly visited hot-spots from all around the globe. This time, she went a bit too far over the threshold. So, with Dani missing and possibly kidnapped, Harper had no time to waste, and that meant she had to go to Marcus and ask for his help. The thing is - he broke her heart 10 years ago, and the girl promised herself to never cross paths with him.

Yes, it wasn't easy to do this, but, thankfully, all those feelings she was kinda afraid would "pop up", were gone - forever. The guy is practically a stranger to her now. As for the task at hand, Colter was quick to leave whatever he was doing and dedicate himself to helping Harper find her sister. However, the "romantic front" wasn't closed yet.

Before Harp could breathe normally again after finding out that she feels nothing for Marcus anymore, Blake walked in - a handsome US senator. She hasn't seen the guy since childhood, but, for some reason, she can't stop thinking about him. How could she love Marcus all those years ago and still have a crush on his twin bruv? The more they work together towards a common goal - finding Dani - the more Harper falls in love with Blake. And soon, she finds out that everything she believed in for a decade was a lie. Yep, the guy that she both loved and loathed for eternity was never real!

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