Parker is living that dream life: he's a young billionaire, and his mighty tech company is worth more than a fortune. The man works only a couple of hours a day, has respect, power, and influence in the game, and is always surrounded by the sexiest women out there. Sounds like he's in Heavens, right?

Well, he's got a best friend - Sienna - and they've been in love with each other for quite some time now, even though the feelings are a bit messed up and they can't get themselves to admit the mutual attraction. So, instead of telling her how he feels and being happy with this beauty, he ended up proposing to Rachel, a cold-hearted, sexy woman who really likes his money but never lets him get too close. For the outside world, they look perfect, but on the inside, the guy is going through a rough patch.

Sienna can see clearly what's going on, and while Parker tries to convince himself and everyone around him that everything's great, his best friend is still on his mind 24/7, and he feels nothing towards Rachel. However, the wedding is right around the corner, and if Sienna fails to convince him to break up with her, this will be the biggest mistake he's ever made.

Yes, it's not gonna be easy for her to stop the wedding, but it will be worth it. One thing is certain: if these two want to be happy, they'll have to work up the courage to admit their feelings. Billionaire's Best Woman is one of those brilliant novels that are equally fun, romantic and sexy. It's steamy, hot and passionate, not to mention the chemistry between Parker and Sienna is off-the-charts. The bottom line is - the latest best-seller by Claire Adams is worth every single penny you pay for it!

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