billionaires-cinderella-by-claire-adamsKiara, the main character of Billionaire's Cinderella, is going through a rough patch. First, some asshole hit her car from behind. Next, her internship "fired" her, claiming that she hasn't got what it takes to succeed in the field. And finally, her neighbor's wealthy buddies quite literally burned down her house after a crazy party night. Yep, the girl is struggling, to say the least.

Teddy, her rich neighbor, is a spoiled playboy, a moron, and the exact opposite of her dream man. However, he's not really the jerk she paints him to be - his own dad didn't even have a clue about him for the first half-a-decade of his life! And Teddy wants something bigger than just wild parties, fancy cars, and one-night-stands. He wants a girl like Kiara - a kind, loving, caring, intelligent young woman.

But, she's not sure whether she can trust this guy or not. Furthermore, his father wants him to marry Whitney - a girl from the elite - and if he refuses, he might as well say goodbye to his privileged life. So, what's it gonna be? Will Teddy man up and go after what he really wants, or will he give up to the temptation of a luxurious life and do whatever they tell him to?

This is a modern-day version of the Cinderella story, and there's no telling whether it will have a happy ending or not. Billionaire's Cinderella is a full-length, standalone romantic novel. It's sexy, naughty and steamy, and comes with a handsome billionaire bad-boy and a brilliant plot. If you're a fan of Kendall Ryan and Willow Winters, you'll most definitely enjoy this book. It's addictive and adrenaline-pumping, which makes it perfect for an entertaining read.

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