billionaires-princess-by-claire-adamsThis is the story of Ariana, a modern-day princess who just wants to be an ordinary girl. Nick is a certified billionaire who's very tired of having to deal with all kinds of stress at work and coming back to an empty home without a soul in it. So, how would they ever come across each other, exactly? Well, when fate intervenes, everything is possible.

The girl gets to take pictures of the billionaire playboy for a fancy gala. Ariana decides to present herself as Emma, a striving photography intern to a big-time photographer. The moment Nick sees her, he falls in love with her. She's got that special magic that he's been looking for the better half of his life. Ariana feels the same way, but she's never ever experienced a storm of emotions like that, and they kinda catch her off-guard.

These feelings give her the chills - in a good way - but getting close to him could potentially blow her cover and forever "condemn" her to a boring life of a queen. Nick, on the other hand, knows exactly what he wants - her - and he always gets what he wants, one way or the other. Yes, he is a bit confused by her mood swings, but, at the end of the day, that doesn't really matter as long as she wants him too.

However, the young lovers could never expect that their love for each other would be threatened by kidnapping, gunshots, fierce parents and abuse. They will have to confide in each other - 100%. Only then will they have a "fighting chance" against the world. Billionaire's Princess is a steamy, sexy erotic novel for the ladies. It comes with a bad-boy, a curvy missy, and a happily-ever-after, which makes it perfect for the Christmas holiday.

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