Black Hearts is the latest bestseller from the beautiful Karina Halle, the author of multiple chart-toppers. This is a breath-taking romantic suspense that will get your blood pumping and your heart pounding. Vicente was born with a silver spoon, but, at the same time, he had to grow fast and learn all the ins and outs of the life of a mobster.

He's the son of a notorious drug Hefe, and his family dedicated their lives to teaching him how to run the business when the time comes. Violence, prejudice, big bucks and high stakes are all he's ever known. Yet, when he comes across a woman that he was never supposed to meet - a lady from his poppa's troubled past - he goes to Cali and tries to find her without telling his father about it. However, when he sees Violet, her 20-year-old daughter, his whole world flips 180 degrees.

She's gorgeous, lovely and edgy slash sassy - just the perfect combination for him. Vincente can't stay away from her, even though he gave himself a promise to forget the girl and move on. He's driven by lust and inquisitiveness, and, given the fact that he's used to always getting what he wants and where he wants it, taking Violet and making her his girl is the obvious thing for him.

But, the thing is - it ain't right, and a stronger man would've dropped it and moved back home where he belongs. Vincente's attraction to Violet soon turns into a natural obsession and they fall in love with each other. That's how the innocent girl ends up right in the middle of his wicked games, and that leads to catastrophic consequences. Black Hearts is definitely one of the sexiest and most passionate erotic novels that you've ever read in your life! If you love a little bit of that naughty darkness, Karina Halle got you covered.

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