Bloodline (Star Wars novel) by Claudia Gray

Bloodline-Star-Wars-book-by-Claudia-Gray-epub-mobiOnce the Rebellion crushed the Empire Leia Organa thought that a peace will come. But defeating the enemy in the space above Endor planet was not permanent. The peace was not very long.

Leia Organa is well known as a senator, and many people respect her. The democracy of the Republic is not very strong, it is trembling, it is dying under an influence of new enemies. Organa must do anything to prevent it from falling.

She will confront mysterious kingpins, criminals, traitors, even those, who is still loyal to empire ideas and trying to destroy the foundation of the Republic. Senators want to take some action. They so desperate, they are even calling for the election… They want to see the First Senator amount them. Senators are hoping that new mighty figure can restore strong leadership position of their institution.

Leia Organa has a little authority among the senators because of her father. He is a daughter of Darth Vader and cannot escape that. But senators choose her for the First Senator position because there is no any option. Only she can deal with a mysterious threat, that trembling the Galaxy.

Claudia Gray gives us a vaster world than you can see on the video. There you can find perfectly detailed characters and the beautiful vast universe of the Star Wars franchise. The Bloodline grabs you from the first page and will not let you go to the last one.

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