blue-by-danielle-steelDanielle Steel needs no introductions: she's one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed authors of the last couple of decades, and the fans love her for always bringing that "heat" to the table. Blue is the story of Ginny, who used to have to perfect life: a star on national TV news, married to a wealthy man and raising a wonderful 3-year-old kid in Beverly Hills. But, all good things come to an end, and just 2 days before Christmas, Ginny's entire world was destroyed on the freeway.

So, now she does her best to get her life back together and to find the strength to wake up every morning and keep on going. She enlisted as a human rights worker, hoping to find inner peace by helping out those in need in the most dangerous, poor and devastated places on planet Earth. Then, one fine day (on the anniversary of her horrible accident, to be exact), she meets a boy who completely changes her life - once again.

The boy's name is Blue, and he's just 13 years old. He's been forced to live on the streets after his mom and dad abandoned him. He's all alone in this world, struggling every single day to survive. Ginny simply can't let the boy go, and, even though he runs away all the time, he always comes back, and they become closer and closer. He's smart, funny, and wise beyond his teenage years. And, he's got an unbreakable spirit that inspires Ginny.

And that's how they start their own, new, unusual family, something that they both lost along the way. However, just as they start trusting each other completely, Ginny discovers that the boy has been hiding a terrible betrayal from her. Will she be able to forgive him and move on, or is it game over again for her?

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