Bobby-Kennedy-By-Larry-TyeRobert Kennedy might not be as popular or loved as JFK, but he certainly did a lot for this nation and the critics remember his as a man who always put America first and did everything in his power to unite people of all race, nationality and religion. Others call him the last true warrior, a knight in shining armor who protected the poor and the oppressed. Larry Tye, a best-selling author, is back with a special book that sheds some light on this great man's life and work. Unreleased official papers and tons of boxes with documents are finally available to the public after being in lockdown for the last 4 decades.

Mr. Tye also included countless interviews with Kennedy's closest relatives - his sister, his spouse, his friends - they never spoke up about him before, but they've got a lot to say. The layers of misconception and mystery are finally off, and Bobby Kennedy is the most honest, true and uplifting book about this exceptional figure.

Robert has always been equally loved and criticized, and this book will give you the chance to follow his life from the very early days to his death and form your own opinion. He was a warrior at first, but he turned into a liberal later, and that shift shows the great changes that were happening in America over the 20th century. The '60s brought us freedom and hope, and Robert Kennedy was one of those politicians that light up the room the second they enter and warm people's hearts with their speeches.

His goal, or, rather, his dream was to finally unite the working-class white folks with the struggling African-Americans and Latinos, something that this country still can't accomplish 50 years later. Race riots, the Cuban Crisis - he was there every time America needed him, and that's exactly what makes him great. Larry Tye's book talks about Kennedy in a refreshing manner, showing both his strong and weak sides, and a man of his magnitude certainly does deserve an honest biography.

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