Body Language: A Novel

body-language1Carmen Andrews hasn't spoken for a year, not since she was viciously tortured by a psychopath. Forced into silence by the trauma, she finds a new life in a new town. As a dancer, she can get away with not speaking. In her head is a mess of memories, withheld frustrations, and a host of wingless dreams. When her psychologist exhausts all of her resources, she sends Carmen to a speech therapist.

Fresh out of graduate school, Jacob Weller hopes to help those suffering from mutism and other speech disorders. When he meets Carmen, he finds her attractive, but his ethics keep him from acting on his impulses. When tragedy strikes, his own sanity is challenged and his professionalism takes a hit. Believing that he has failed and with few visible changes in Carmen, he considers referring her to a new doctor.

Carmen has other thoughts on the matter, but struggles with her demons, ones that keep her mouth firmly shut and her heart desperately wanting.

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