CD Reiss is back with an Earth-scorching new romantic bestseller about a Hollywood superstar with a cute little baby daughter and her gorgeous nanny. Falling for each other was never in the books for them, but love works in mysterious ways, does it not? Brad is an A-grade bad boy with the attitude of a winner and that alpha-male vibe that makes the ladies go insane. He's ridiculously popular and always gets the best roles and the hottest women.

However, when a fling from the past comes back to "bite" him in the shape of an adorable 5-year-old girl, everything changes for the guy, and his priorities shift. Now, even though the money is good, Cara is not crazy about this new gig as the nanny for a rich fella's kid. Big-time celebrities and cocky men aren't really her cup of tea.

Well, they are, but she knows that single daddies with thick wallets and mighty abs aren't exactly relationship material and they usually leave you heart-broken. So, she enters the gorgeous mansion with confidence that this will be just another working relationship - nothing more, nothing less. But, it takes her one look at the handsome father and the cute baby to know that she's in for the most exciting (and potentially disastrous) rollercoaster in her life.

Mr. Sinclair is trouble, and she can't stop herself from staring at him. The mutual attraction is obvious, it's getting harder and harder to control their desires. Hollywood is a pretty scary place, and the gossip never stops. Can these two beat the odds and be happy? Bombshell is a delightful, heartfelt and hot romantic novel that will be perfect for a nice evening read.

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