Brennan, a brilliant forensics expert, has been with us throughout 15 (!) gripping and bestselling novels, and now she's back to solve one of the toughest cases in her entire career. An innocent girl was killed in a hit-and-run in NC, and Brennan's investigation leads into the world of gruesome human trafficking on an international scale.

When the cops brought in the body, she feared that it might not be just a "regular" case of a road kill. The poor girl's body told her a horrifying story, and there was an ID card in her purse. It belongs to a powerful and influential local mogul, or, rather, used to belong: he passed away 5 months ago. So, who was this girl, and what did she have to do with him? Was she an immigrant passing the border illegally? And who wanted her dead and why?

At the same time, Brennan is asked by a college to examine a weird bunch of Peruvian dog mummies that were successfully confiscated on the border. Rockett, a US army vet, is the prime suspect and is accused of illegal activities that include smuggling and selling stolen goods on American soil. Is there really a connection between human trafficking and antiquities trafficking, or is it all just a big coincidence?

The case gets more complicated and hazardous by the minute, and Brennan also has to deal with her own family drama: after her daughter, Katy's man sacrificed his life for the country in Afghanistan, she decided to join the army. It seems like the weight of the whole world is now resting on her soldiers, but Brennan still manages to reveal a conspiracy that extends from Africa to the Middle-Eastern region and right to the heart of America. Bones of the Lost is a brilliant mystery thriller with an extremely gripping plot, a blood-rushing narrative and a couple of might twists and turns along the way.

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