born-to-run-by-bruce-springsteenEverybody knows the legendary Bruce Springsteen - he's a living-breathing icon in the music industry, and the last 2 generations of American folks would never be the same without him. That's right, he's got more fans in the US (and worldwide) than he can count, so, Born to Run is like his ultimate gift for them, a secret pass into his own, personal life. Back in 2009, Bruce and his phenomenal band performed at the Super Bowl.

As it turns out, the experience was so amazing that the man was inspired to write a whole book about it! Yes, that's pretty much how this memoir, or, rather, autobiography was born. It took the legend 7 full years to write the ultimate story of his exciting life, and you can expect the same level of honesty as you would in any of his hit songs. This is a funny, uplifting, original story that would be a blast to read even if the author wasn't one of the greatest musicians of our time.

Bruce was born in New Jersey, and, growing up, he used to get into all kinds of trouble and always do whatever comes to mind. And when he first saw Elvis Presley on the TV, he instantly knew that music was his destiny. So, he put his heart and mind into it and embarked on a life-long journey from a regular performer in the NJ streets to a legend.

Furthermore, Mr. Springsteen shares a very personal story of his own struggles that were the inspiration for his greatest songs, including "Born To Run". It's safe to say that this book will be a revelation for all the fans of Bruce Springsteen, but it's about so much more than just a memoir by an icon. Born To Run is a story for kids, adults, lovers, loners, dreamers and workers - everybody will find something that he/she likes and feels connected with.

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