bought-by-lauren-landishWhen the bestselling Lauren Landish and the award-winning Willow Winters come together, that means the readers are about to experience something truly special. These two authors are one of the best romantic novel writers in modern-day literature, and they always spice things up with just the right dose of fun, passion, and that naughty stuff.

Bought is their latest standalone masterpiece with a wonderful cast of characters, a thrilling, gripping plot and a happy ending. Lucian is a ruthless and alluring man who likes to keep everything under control, especially when it comes to sex. Love, family, and kids are not really his cup of tea, and he prefers steaming-hot one-night stands instead. Some women would call him a freak, a monster, while others admire him in every possible way. One day, Lucian meets a very special girl - Dahlia - who's has been looking for the right man for quite a long time.

She doesn't even know what a "submissive" means, or, at least, that's what Lucian thinks. After all, it's always fun to fool around with a nice, honest girl like that. Besides, she always dresses like she's begging for it: all those short skirts and everything. Lucian wants her all to himself, and he wants to make a nice "slave" out of this tempting curvy young lady.

Soon, she lies about something significant, and that makes the "master" want to punish her even more. Will Dahlia submit to his weird affection, or maybe she's not really ready for a commitment like that? Bought is a dark, twisty and insanely hot romantic novel that will spin your head and leave you begging for more. If you love these kinds of stories, Bought will be your new favorite.

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