Lewis and Marshall are one of the greatest writers of erotic/romantic novels, and whenever they link up, they always deliver something truly exceptional. Bound to You is yet another sizzling-hot story from the beautiful ladies and follows Matthew, a rough-tough soldier who managed to survive in the middle of a war zone thanks to the photo of a gorgeous woman he picked up somewhere in Iraq.

He was injured badly during combat and lost his trusty partner. The Army told him he had PTSD and discharged the soldier. So, he returned home, but, instead of a peaceful, tranquil routine, he experienced blackouts, sleepless nights and stupid bar fights. If he keeps heading down this path, he'll single-handedly ruin himself, and the warrior inside of him simply can't let him lose focus and turn into a mess.

Thus, he decides to find the beauty from the photo - one way or the other. She turns into his lucky charm and he hopes that she'll be able to fix him and bring him back on his feet. All that military training allows the man to track her down pretty quickly: her name is Meleyna, and she's quite a sassy beauty. It takes him one look into her eyes to know that he's in big trouble.

Now, she might seem to have no care in the world, but the truth is - she's got more than enough struggles in her head and a past that keeps coming back to haunt her. So, in a way, they're destined to save each other from their own sins and demons, but the question is - will they both find what they've been looking for in each other? Bound to You is a super hot and sultry military romantic/erotic story that will be greatly appreciated by the 18+ audience. It comes with a strong plot, a great chemistry between the characters and a happy ending.

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