Breakdown-By-Jonathan-KellermanWhen it comes to mystery thrillers and psychological suspense, Jonathan Kellerman is one of the greatest writers of our time, if not THE greatest. The critics from all around the globe are praising his unique, engaging writing style, blood-chilling stories, and rich, layered, believable characters. Breakdown is his latest gift to the fans, and it's a 100% blockbuster that will keep you up all night.

As far as gripping, action-packed and saber-sharp novels go, this man is the undisputed master. Mr. Delaware is a psychologist, and he first laid eyes on Zelda, a vulnerable TV actress, when she asked him to take a look at her 5-year-old kid, Ovid. She was a beautiful, kind and unbelievably attractive young woman who really needed his help. However, nothing happened between them.

But, many years later, Alex meets her again: they commit her against her own will after a strange psychotic episode. Moments after her release, the man learns that she was found dead. The news devastate Delaware, as he always had a place for her in his heart. At the same time, he's more than confident that something wasn't right with her sudden passing - somebody evil wanted her gone.

So, he asks Milo, his good friend from the LAPD to help him figure out who wanted the poor soul dead. Another big question is - where is Zelda's kid? Alex needs to find him before something happens to the boy. Soon, the hard-boiled cops unveil corrupt Gov. Officials, broken dreams, betrayals, secrets, and lies. Every new revelation is more disturbing than the last one, and Delaware will have to "navigate" through all the clues to find the real killer.

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