Madison Faye is back with a brand-new riveting erotic novel to ignite the fire deep inside of you and to turn you on. Johanna, a beautiful young lady, is driven by a noble cause: she's trying to save her uncle's and aunt's farm that they've been tending to for decades, so, she agreed to work on a strange fella's ranch for a while just to save their lovely farm.

However, it all turned out to be a horrible lie and now the girl is a prisoner. Furthermore, the sick bastard wants to sell her to whoever is willing to pay more. Yep, she's in quite a pickle, to say the least, and there's no way out from a dungeon like that. Thankfully, he sends two handsome guys to guard her 24/7, and that's when everything changes. They are both dominant and rough-tough - exactly what Johanna loves in men.

They're 100% alpha males that look like a million bucks and aren't afraid to "handle" her the way a real man handles a woman. These shredded cowboys are giving her those looks that mean only one thing: the bad-boys want to show her a good time and they fill her pretty little head with all kinds of dirty, filthy and naughty thoughts.

She starts fantasizing about these barbarians taking her and her entire body heats up whenever she sees 'em. She's an honest, modest girl, but there's something unexplainable about these fellas that makes her do all kinds of crazy things. Wait, she's a prisoner, so, how come she wants to fool around with the guards? Where's the logic? There isn't any, and when a gorgeous young woman and two bulky men meet, you don't really need logic to make sense of it all. All that’s left to do is give up to the burning desire...

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