bridget-joness-diary-by-helen-fieldingBridget Jones is one of the most iconic characters of our time, and her Diary is a ground-breaking bestseller that's both inspiring and influential for the modern-day ladies. This is a very true, authentic, self-aware and extremely hilarious tale about a regular person who is always striving to get on that self-improvement train. Bridget is a 30+ woman who's struggling with the day-to-day routine and is trying to turn her life around.

She fears that she'll never meet the man of her dreams and will eventually die alone in a sad little apartment and nobody will even notice that she's missing. She's not the most popular girl at work, even though some colleagues are constantly harassing her and making her feel horrible. Bridget is looking for true love, for that prince in the shining armor that will take her breath away and make her the happiest girl in life.

However, the prince doesn't really seem to be interested in her, so, she decides to take matters into her own hands and start making some changes happen. First of all, she decides to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, stop eating junk food, regain her confidence in herself and, finally, form a healthy relationship with a wealthy, handsome man. So, will she be able to face her deepest fears and win them over, or is she just another crazy girl who thinks she can beat the world?

Bridget Jones's Diary is a charming, heart-wrenching, revealingly honest and super funny novel for all the ladies who are struggling with their lives and want to improve themselves. This book managed to touch the hearts and minds of countless readers around the globe and make them believe that it's never too late to start changing your life for the better.

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