Maya Banks has been delivering that explosive mix of action, suspense, passion, and heat with the best-selling KGI series, and now we've got the 11th chapter in our hands - Brighter Than the Sun. Welcome to a top-notch, top-secret, fam-run biz. These big, bulky and unbelievably intelligent folks are taking care of the hardest cases out there, including hostage recovery, infiltration, surveillance and everything else in between.

Whenever the American government fails to complete a mission, the KGI comes to the rescue. Joe is pretty much the last Kelly man who's not obligated to anything or anybody, so, he's more than happy to dive into the heart of the action and to risk his life. He takes on the hardest tasks and always returns home.

But, when it comes to the lovely ladies, he's trying to keep his distance and do the right thing. His bruvs are all family men now, and, even though he kinda misses what they had before they domesticated themselves, he does love and respects what the boys have. Zoe's been going through a rough patch for the better part of her life, and her heart has been broken by all kinds of scumbags.

Now, she's focused on starting over and changes her identity to get a clean slate, a second shot at life. However, when she meets Joe, a man with a million-dollar smile and a handsome face, her bruised heart starts to beat faster than ever. And, when the secrets from the girl's past come haunting her, Joe puts his career, life, and family on the line just to help her out. There’s no telling whether any of them will make it out of this scuffle alive, but they are more than ready to kick some ass...

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