There's a very special little girl in Wyoming who has a unique ability: she can learn about people's deepest, darkest secrets by watching 'em fold their arms. Over in NY, a gifted man can easily track patterns in the stock market and makes a staggering amount of money - 300 billion dollars! In Chicago, a young lady can become invisible. They are known as the "brilliants", and 1% of Earth's population is born with these special "powers".

Nick, an agent with the American government, is one of them. His gift makes him one of the best operatives out there and he's tracking terrorist movements all across the world. But there's a mighty and brutal brilliant out there who's threatening to destroy democracy and to start a civil war. This man is Nick's strongest rival, and it's gonna take a miracle to stop him.

The agent has no other choice but to betray his people and to put everything he believes in at risk. If he fails to stop the bloodthirsty madman, the world as we know it might cease to exist, and he simply can't let that happen. Marcus Sakey, the critically-acclaimed and fan-favored master of thrill, mystery, and suspense, one of the greatest storytellers of our time, delivered a mighty bestseller with Brilliance and started the self-titled game-changing series.

This is a riveting, exciting novel about special people and the responsibility that comes with having powers. These gifts can just as easily be called curses, and it's up to them to defend the world from the evildoers. Brilliance is exceptionally good: it's at once a romantic story, a political thriller, a supernatural saga, and comes with multiple twists and colorful characters.

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