Fredrik Backman is back, dear readers, and he brought a heart-warming, enchanting tale about a strong woman who's doing everything in her power to move on after a devastating personal crisis and rediscover who she is and what her purpose on this Planet is. It's extremely funny, poignant and moving, perfect for a nice evening read with a hot cup of tea.

Britt-Marie is a big fan of keeping everything clean and in order, and she can't stand a messy person. However, she never judges anyone out loud, even if they're ill-mannered, sloppy, grubby or simply disgusting. But, the thing is - every once in the while, people misread her helpful, encouraging tips/hints/suggestions as criticism, even though that is never her intention. So, she decided not to tell folks about their faults and just turn into a socially-awkward person.

At the same time, she has bigger hopes, mightier dreams and a warmer personality than anyone around her could ever have. One day, when Britt-Marie finds out that her hubby is a cheating scumbag, she simply leaves the house and moves to Borg, a calamity-of-a-town. Soon, she starts working as a caretaker at the local recreation center that is about to be destroyed.

Her customers are drunkards, idlers, and vagabonds, and she has to deal with all kinds of crazy stuff in her daily routine. But that's not even the half of it: for some reason, they think that she can lead the unapologetically-untalented kid's football team to triumph. Yep, she's got a lot on her plate, and it's hard to say whether she will ever be able to find a place where she truly belongs.

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