Brokedown-Cowboy-By-Maisey-YatesCopper Ridge is a best-selling series from Maisey Yates, a world-esteemed author, and Brokedown Cowboy is one of the greatest novels to date. This is a story about best friends who cross a line that they can never get back to, a line between friendship and something more. Will they be able to resist the temptation, or will they give up to it? Connor, the main character of the book, is not a very friendly guy and prefers to keep to himself. He wife passed away a while ago, and he's spending days and nights at his family's old ranch.

However, when Felicity, his old friend, is looking for a place to stay for a couple of weeks, Connor offers her to move in. It's just a nice gesture from the man - he's not really giving it much thought. But, soon the two start fantasizing about each other and the passion that sparks between them is too strong to resist.

Felicity has been in love with Connor since high-school days, but she never acted on her feelings. At the same time, when she decides to stay with him in the ranch and helps him recover from the terrible loss, her love for him comes rushing back from the past. Soon she'll find out that getting what you wish for can be more than that just a temporal thing - it can be marvelous.

Brokedown Cowboy is a 100% romantic story from an author who's known for writing bestselling novels that touch the hearts and minds of women from all around the world. The new book is heartbreaking, breathtaking and simply unforgettable. It's a tale about pain, suffering and true love. It's a page-turner, and Connor's and Felicity's love for each other is phenomenal.

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