broken-grace-by-e-c-diskinE.C. Diskin is one of the few authors who always create unique, suspenseful and gripping stories that keep you on your feet and keep the tension rising. Grace, the main character of the book, survived a car crash on a cold winter day somewhere in Michigan. At the same time, she suffered a brain injury and now she can't get herself to remember anything.

So, she goes to her family's farmhouse to get herself together and try to remember what actually happened, and in about an hour, the cops storm the place. The girl's boyfriend was found dead, and, given the fact that she doesn't have any "helpful" memories, the investigation claims she's got no alibi. As a matter of fact, Grace is now the prime suspect, and all she can do is make sense of the rare memory flashes and find clues to her own past.

However, with every tiny peek into her life, she gets more and more restless. There's something alarming about her family and her early years on the farm, but she can't get herself to remember. Soon, she realizes that the accident had little to do with her anxiety and that maybe it all started a long time ago, back when she was just a little girl.

Could it be that her brain is trying to protect her from remembering something dark and evil that happened to her all those years ago? But what it is exactly that her subconscious is afraid of? Broken Grace is a mighty page-turner, an insanely addictive mystery thriller that you simply won't be able to put down. It's got a strong, engrossing plot, a fast-paced, suspenseful narrative, and a few unexpected twists and turns to shock the readers. E.C. Diskin delivered yet another masterpiece!

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