broken-trust-by-w-e-b-griffinThe Badge of Honor series has been topping the domestic sales charts for a while now, and Broken Trust is the latest installment in the series, the one that the fans have been eagerly waiting for. Matt, an honest, gifted Homicide Sergeant, has been doing his job for quite some time now and had investigated numerous brutal killings, ruthless murders, and everything in between. So, it's safe to say that nothing can shock him anymore.

Well, there's always that case that rattles you no matter how long you've been a cop, and when the case of a young socialite’s murder hits his office, it makes the sergeant both sad and angry. The thing is - he knows Camilla, the dead girl, and she was a beautiful, fun, smart teenager back in the day. But the evidence is showing that she deliberately jumped out of her balcony - jumped to her death.

How can a brilliant young lady like that go from being cheerful and full of hopes to taking her own life? When Matt talks to her brother, he tells him that she had been fighting with her inner demons, and, again, the evidence is backing that up, but the sergeant still doesn't want to believe that. Besides, something doesn't feel right, and his "gut" is telling him to keep on investigating. And the more he digs, the more complicated the case becomes.

The stakes are pretty high, and, if he doesn't take the necessary precautions and figure the case out soon, he might lose his reputation or even his own life. Broken Trust is a top-notch mystery thriller that's both gripping and suspenseful. The narrative is fast-paced and comes with a couple of mighty twists that will shock the readers.

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