brokenhearted-girl-2-by-diamond-johnsonWhen it comes to urban romance, Diamond Johnson is one of the most prominent figures in modern-day literature. She's got numerous bestsellers behind her back and a brick-strong fan base. Brokenhearted Girl turned a lot of heads and made the readers drop their jaws at what Treasure finally learned. So, what exactly did Will do, and the biggest question is - for how long?

Treasure gets herself to open up to her own mom and tell her who Miracle truly is to her and how she was born. But will her mother believe her? Will she be able to persuade her? Maybe she'll turn away from her daughter and choose her lying scum-of-a-boyfriend, Will, just like she's been doing for as long as Treasure can remember?

There's no telling what will happen next, and that's exactly what makes this book so appealing to the fans of the original novel. Camryn is Sticks daughter - everybody knows that - but what if that's not really true? Brokenhearted Girl 2 comes with huge family secrets, lies, and betrayals, some of which may very well end up killing some of the main characters. The stakes are higher than ever, and Treasure will have to use her brains and stay true to herself in order to break free from the "cage" she's in and prevail.

As far as stylish, fancy, heart-breaking and insanely addictive urban romance goes, Brokenhearted Girl 2 is one of the best reads of the year. It's got enough drama, tension and twists/turns to keep you up all night. Diamond Johnson is a master when it comes to creating engrossing novels with insane cliffhangers that leave you...well, hanging. Part 3 is most definitely coming, so, get yourself ready!

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