Roxie is his BFF, the one and only person in the world that he can fully confide in. And, he's been madly in love with her ever since he was capable of loving. His name is Axel, and boxing is all he knows how to do. He's a fierce fighter, making a living in the ring, and she's always there to cheer him up and to give him the necessary strength and confidence to be victorious.

The fun part is - Axel has never been with a girl and/or woman because he only wants her. Roxie is his heart and soul, that special girl that belongs to him. He's been working up the courage to tell her about his feelings for quite a long time, and now he's finally ready to admit his feelings to her. It can't go on like that - he's waited for ages! As for the girl herself, she's been getting that lovely "vibe" from him but she's still not 100% sure he feels the same way about her.

They've been in each other's lives for eternity, and she's been secretly wishing they were together - like really together; she's planning on sticking around to the very end. Her love is stronger than anything else in the world - it's overwhelming. Roxy is willing to wait for him for as long as necessary because no other man out there would ever be able to make her feel the same way he does. Women really like to hang around with him and are constantly trying to steal him away from her, but Axel is always pushing them all away, which means he's head over heels for Roxie.

At the same time, it's not always easy to switch from "friends" to "lovers". What if crossing that line ruins their wonderful friendship? Brutal is equally sweet and sexy, and you'll find yourself cheering for these lovely young people on every single page. The book is extremely sexy and comes with sizzling-hot scenes that will make the ice melt in a matter of seconds.

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