brutal-night-of-the-mountain-man-by-william-w-johnstoneWilliam W. Johnstone has more than a few bestselling and game-changing westerns behind his back, and the international fans of the genre love his trademark writing style, mighty narratives and the overwhelming cast of rough-tough characters. Brutal Night of the Mountain Man is an action-packed, fast-paced adventure story that will grab your attention from the first opening scene.

Kate put a lot of effort into her saloon, and she's not about to let it "fly" without a proper fight. Yes, Silas is the wealthiest fella in the vicinity, but that still doesn't mean that he can go wherever he wants and do whatever he pleases. So, when he sends one of his bandits to mess around with her watering hole, Rusty, the woman's son, shoots him dead. It might be a case of self-defense, but, given the fact that Silas runs everything in the county, Rusty will have to run for his life. The man is the law, and you can't go against it.

The boy finds shelter in his uncle's house, hoping for the storm to calm. However, his uncle is not about to let the world blame his nephew for the right things that he's done, so, he grabs his trusty gun and sets out to return to the country where his sis lives and clear Rusty's name - once and for all.

Yet, Mr. Jensen, his old friend, knows that this quest means certain death for the man, so, he gathers a handful of magnificent shooters and enters the town, ready to start an all-out war against the most powerful man in town and his army of goons. And that's when Silas makes a mistake: he becomes cocky, too confident, and doesn't give Jensen the credit he deserves. He thinks that 2 dozen men are more than enough to stop him. He's gonna regret his own stupidity...

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