buffering-by-hannah-hartEvery once in a while, a very special book comes around that makes us believe in the greater good, in peace, in love, and in eternal blessings. And Buffering is exactly that kind of a book. Hannah Hart is an internationally-acclaimed author who's not afraid to talk about the things that the majority of folks thinks about but doesn't have the "guts" to speak up. Her latest bestseller is both super funny and heart-wrenching.

It's honest, engaging, beautifully written and captivating. Hannah is a brave, gifted young girl that shares her own point of view, her own truth and thus inspires millions of young adults around the world. She's got an amazing writing style that makes people believe in what she's saying and believe that, despite all the struggles in their lives, everything's gonna be alright.

The bottom line is - if you want to read a book that will tell you that you're not alone in this world and that something good's waiting for you around the corner, grab a copy of Buffering and enjoy! Hannah Hart is super-popular on YouTube and social media, and she's already got a bestseller behind her back, which automatically makes her voice hugely important for this generation.

She's got more than enough to say, and this book is a fascinating collection of tales from her past, her own experiences, and a mighty bunch of essays/short stories about faith, love, family, friendship, sexuality, identification, being happy, confident and strong. Hannah is just 30 years old, but she's got enough wisdom to share with the fans and wants only one thing - to lend that much-needed helping hand and to make us believe in ourselves.

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