Bullseye-By-James-PattersonMichael Bennett, James Patterson's now-iconic grimy detective, is caught in the crossfire once again and has to be on his A-game in order to survive. It's simple - he must kill first, otherwise, they'll put him in the ground. The Upper East Side is covered in snow, and the storm is an ideal cover for a top-notch group of deadly killers who are searching the streets of Manhattan, coming after their prey. Their very first assassination is simple target practice, but the second one might just bring the Cold War back and turn it back hot again.

The President of the US is attending a summit at the UN where he's meeting his Russian colleague. None of the two leaders has a clue about the upcoming terrorist attack, and detective Bennett is summoned by the government to eliminate a possible threat on the American soil that could potentially split the nation in half and start a global war that will be more devastating than anything humanity has ever experienced.

Michael can't really trust anybody because even the generals and the majors could be a part of the terror group, so, he will have to rely solely on himself and try to bring the enemies to justice. He's the only man that can protect the president, the country and the world order before the killers deliver their deadly blow and ignite a worldwide conflict that will destroy the world as we know it.

James Patterson, a recognized master and a best-selling author, did an amazing job with Bullseye: it's gripping, thrilling, exciting and entertaining all at once. The new novel is fast-paced, action-packed and full of that Patterson-exclusive tension that makes his books one of the best in the genre.

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