Call-Me-Daddy-By-Jade-WestLane, a regular 18-year-old American girl, is walking under the merciless rain and doesn't really know where to go to. She just turned into an adult, and the biggest present is just about to rock her life. She could never think that Nick, the greatest man possible, would quite literally save her from catching cold and mesmerize her with his handsome smile and overwhelming charisma.

When he says that he wants to take care of her, Lane loses her mind and wants to give in to this man completely. Every girl in the world dreams of meeting just the right guy that will look after her, protect her and love her! He treats her like the precious little thing that she is, but the thing is - she wants something more from him, Lane has never experienced anything like this before; she has never liked anybody like that before. She wants Nick to be her first man, her one and only fella in the world.

But it's kinda hard for her to figure out his feelings towards her. Is he taking care of her because he's just a good man, or is there something more in those deep, dark eyes? It all becomes clear when Nick says "Call Me Daddy". Lane is about to get her world flipped 180 degrees. She's in for the ride of her life...

The fans of Jade West love her for always delivering sizzling, hot and sexy romantic stories about alpha males and gorgeous girls. Call Me Daddy is a brilliant book about a pure-hearted, naive girlie and an experienced, hard-boiled man. There's a huge age difference between these lovely characters, and that's exactly what makes the novel so damn exciting. It's gripping, blood-pumping and undeniably captivating. As far as scandalous erotic novels go, West's latest masterpiece is right there among the top 3.

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