Candide by Voltaire

Voltaire-CandideLike a puppet wandered Candide through the Europe with a smile on his face. During his travel, he saw a lot of people and talked with them. About some subjects, he talks especially in a sarcastic way - against the Church or Catholicism, for example, against the authorities, and even against some philosophical questions.

With pure joy Candide wandering through the land, knowing that he must die one day but surviving during the wars. Even the gallows hanging can't blacken his mood.

His journey takes Candide from death to life, from fear to joy, from poverty to wealth, from misery to happiness. Even when the paradise showed to him in Eldorado he could not stay. His inner unpredictable desires make him driven away from the security.

Voltaire was a businessman and landowner, satirist, novelist, religious critic, philosopher of reason and modern tolerance... and optimism.

Voltaire's life and his struggle against absolutism and obscurantisms led the famous author even to the imprisonment in the Bastille. He found the way out of prison. Eventually, he went to the liberal England and made a friendship with Friedrich II.

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