Capture: Unraveling the Mystery of Mental Suffering Hardcover by David A., M.D. Kessler

David-A.-Kessler-CaptureDavid A. and M.D. Kessler try to explain why people think or do some things they wished they didn't. Why we smoke, eat unhealthy food, why we drink too much or do drugs. The authors have studied this problem for many years.

After decades of investigations David A. and M.D. Kessler find a hidden mechanism common of people's suffering and it is called capture. What does it mean? Capture is the inner mechanism by which people's attention often seize by outside forces. They are usually out people's control.

Who do that with our minds? Who is misappropriate our brains? Explaining their main theory David A. and M.D. Kessler notice the main questions of people about origins of everyday mental afflictions. How our unhappiness became an addiction? How does our depression determine entire life?

Doctor Kessler examine the existence of discovered phenomena in humankind history. He analyzed many works in psychology, literature and philosophy. Doctor Kessler even studied the theology and neuroscience together, modern medicine included. And he finds out that the capture plays the central role in mental illness.

Doctor Kessler think that every human can change his thoughts and his behavior. But to do that we must fully understand the nature of our own capture. Try to change yourself the better way – read the Capture: Unraveling the Mystery of Mental Suffering Hardcover written by David A., M.D. Kessler. Be the better man or woman.

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