Stephanie Garber did a brilliant job with this book and delivered a fascinating story of two sisters that are just trying to find their place in this world and end up entering the most dangerous, intriguing and rewarding game of all. For as long as she can remember, Scarlett has always been living on a small island with her lovely sis, Tella, and their brutal, cruel and dominating poppa.

The girl has been dreaming of seeing Caraval, the unique performance that only comes around once a year and makes the audience a part of the riveting game. But, now that her dad demands her to marry someone of his choosing, it's all over. However, just when she starts grieving, they send her the official invitation. Tella asks a sailor to help Scarlett out and she ends up being right in the center of the show.

Then, Legend, Caraval's long-time runner, abducts Tella and tells the crowd that she's the big prize of the year, and whoever manages to find the girl first will get the ultimate prize. Scarlett knows that everything that happens during the game, no matter how insane, is only a good planned performance for the audience to cheer for. Yet, she still gets entangled in a crazy game of love, hate, loss and more with the rest of the participants.

And it doesn't really matter whether Caraval is real or not: Scarlett needs to find her sister before the Caraval ends. Otherwise, she might just lose Tella forever. Caraval is a near-perfect paranormal novel for the teen adults that love the Hunger Games. It's spellbinding, riveting and totally magnificent. You'll find yourself slowly becoming a part of the story - a beautifully written, enchanting, grabbing story. With this book, Stephanie Garber made herself one of the greatest authors in the genre.

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