Career-Of-Evil-By-Robert-GalbraithCareer of Evil is the 3rd and the latest book in the new crime-fiction series by Joan Rowling - Cormoran Strike. It has nothing to do with the Harry Potter universe and is intended for the adult audience. For some reason, Rowling decided not to put her own name on the book and use an alias instead. Regardless, the series received tons of positive reviews from the critics.

They praised the author for introducing some new, fresh elements into the centuries-old genre of crime fiction and staying true to a pretty brisk and loose writing style throughout the series. It's 2011, and Strike’s business is booming, and folks are coming to him with complicated and well-paid cases every single day. Robin, who used to be his assistant, finished the book that Strike gave to her as a gift, and is now working with him as a real investigator.

Obviously, the chemistry between the two is not welcomed by her fiance, Matt, who is jealous of the connection that she has with her work colleague and wants her to quit the job. Soon, the girl gets a package with a severed lady's leg. Plus, there's a note with a quote from a song that Strike's mom used to be a big fan of. So, that's why the investigator believes that he's dealing with someone from his old life that holds something against him.

He goes to the cops and tells them about 4 possible suspects. And while the police are doing their thing, Strike and his partner start their own investigation, trying to figure out who sent him that package and why. The most important question is - what does he/she want from the investigator? Career of Evil by Joan Rowling is arguably the best novel yet in the Cormoran Strike series and the critics call it one of the best crime fiction stories of our time.

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