carry-on-warrior-by-glennon-doyle-meltonGlennon Doyle Melton delivers a ground-breaking manual on how to make sense of your messy, yet amazing life, move on and get back on your feet. Carry On, Warrior is inspiring, smart and funny, and, given the fact that the author is a well-respected writer, activist, and philanthropist, it shouldn't come to you as a surprise that the book became an instant national bestseller.

This is a book to take with you all the time and try to enjoy Melton's deep, insightful and really really helpful tips and tricks while waiting in the line for coffee, flying in a plane or just having a good time on your weekend. Carry On, Warrior, gave women from all over the world the right nudge to believe in themselves and to find the strength to fight for their happiness on a day-to-day basis. In fact, the book inspired a whole movement, and we've got Glennon to thank for that.

She did a brilliant job of sharing her own, intimate story with us, the readers, and she did that with a touching, refreshing, and hilarious series of tales/essays. Her one and only goal with this book is to help women give themselves more credit, to confide in themselves and to be brave, kind and optimistic. Sometimes putting perfection on hold can bring a lot of benefits to the table.

At the same time, the author is not saying that being a mom, a wife and a friend is an easy task - it can be pretty hard sometimes. And that's why she's encouraging the ladies to change their attitude towards life and be ready to embrace the wonders that the universe is sending their way. Carry On, Warrior is an amazing book that invites everybody to build better lives in their homes, neighborhoods, and cities.

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